A Poem for the Week

Marie Howe wrote this week’s poem, “The Moment,” a gentle meditation on being in this moment, when “The whir of I should be, I should be, I should be/ slows to silence,/ the white cotton curtains hanging still.” It is a short ode to the rare moment, “maybe    half a moment,” when we pause. The whole poem may be read at the link above on the Academy of American Poets website, poets. org, where it has been published with permission.

We opened our yoga practice with the poem this morning, and included postures of space and stillness, creating that pause in our bodies. We used a modified gate pose, side plank, half moon, star, a high lunge with cactus arms, and mountain pose, among other poses, leading to savasana in a supported supta baddha konasana, to nourish being in the breath and body, in the moment. A soft rain hushed against the window and roof or our little shared space, and we left practice to the smell of petrichor.

I wish you the stillness of the moment.

The images for this post are photographs I took at the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja Mexico. The featured image shows the vineyards at Finca Altazano, the other three are from Encuentro–a lovely valley perfect for still moments.

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